The Atlantis Plague: A Thriller (The Origin Mystery, Book 2)

The Atlantis Plague: A Thriller (The Origin Mystery, Book 2) Author A.G. Riddle
ISBN-10 1940026032
ISBN-13 9781940026039
Year 2013-11-18
Pages 432
Language English
Publisher Riddle Inc.
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The Atlantis Plague is the second book in The Origin Mystery the trilogy that has become a global phenomenon Over 2 000 000 copies sold Translated into 23 languages In development to be a major motion picture NOTE All three books in the Atlantis trilogy are now available A PANDEMIC 70 000 YEARS IN THE MAKING WILL CHANGE HUMANITY FOREVER In Marbella Spain Dr Kate Warner awakens to a horrifying reality the human race stands on the brink of extinction A pandemic unlike any before it has swept the globe Nearly a billion people are dead and those that the Atlantis Plague does not kill it transforms at the genetic level A few rapidly evolve The remainder devolve As the world slips into chaos radical solutions emerge Industrialized nations offer a miracle drug Orchid which they mass produce and distribute to refugee camps around the world But Orchid is merely a way to buy time It treats the symptoms of the plague but never cures the disease Immari International offers a different approach do nothing Let the plague run its course The Immari envision a world populated by the genetically superior survivors a new human race ready to fulfill its destiny With control of the world population hanging in the balance the Orchid Alliance and the Immari descend into open warfare Now the last hope for humanity is to find a cure Kate alone holds the key to unraveling the mystery surrounding the Atlantis Plague The answer may lie in understanding pivotal events in human history events when the human genome mysteriously changed Her journey takes her across the barren wastelands of Europe and northern Africa but it is her research into the past that takes her where she never expected to go She soon discovers that the history of human evolution is not what it seems and setting it right may require a sacrifice she never imagined The human race must remain as one All other roads lead to ruin The Orchid Alliance Evolution is inevitable Only fools fight fate Immari International ABOUT THE ATLANTIS PLAGUE is a story of human survival and perseverance in the face of extinction This global adventure takes readers back into the world of The Origin Mystery which began with THE ATLANTIS GENE THE ATLANTIS PLAGUE delivers the same kind of little known science and history readers applauded in THE ATLANTIS GENE and deepens the core mystery so many readers are talking about The series is currently in development to be a major motion picture All three books in the trilogy are now available Book 1 The Atlantis Gene amazon com dp B00C2WDD5IBook 2 The Atlantis Plague amazon com dp B00GR5JZHQBook 3 The Atlantis World amazon com dp B00JVUQ2H0

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